Experience Deep Sea Crabbing for yourself!

That’s right, you can book a cruise/charter with us and experience how the crabbing industry operates in every aspect – just in a lot more comfortable setting of course!

Head out for a 4 or 6  hour trip, during which you will learn firsthand how to:

  • Prepare the crab traps.
  • Set the traps, both individually and on a – professional’s only – “trot line”.
  • Haul the traps up using our commercial hydraulic hauler.
  • Select and sort the crabs to keep and those that are to be returned to the deep.
  • Cook the crabs in a commercial cooker.
  • Take home your share of the bounty!

This really is a trip like no other. The main targeted crab species is our famous Mooloolaba Spanner Crab, but we will also try to get some Blue Swimmer, 3 Spot and Coral crabs (season dependant of course). At times we may even get a few sand and mud crabs as well as the odd lobster!

You will be guided by seasoned crew with years of experience in the crabbing industry. And if you have not already learnt to appreciate the amazing Spanner Crab, we know you will after this trip! Many people won’t have another crab after tasting the beautiful, slightly sweet, meat that this unique crab offers. Add to this that you don’t need anything other than your own 2 hands to be able to get to all the meat and it really is the perfect seafood!

Please note. At this point due to the high volume of requests for our fishing charters this charter is available only as a boat booking!

Not available between November 22 and December 22 due to the season closure for Spanner crabs!