Our Vessel Crusader 1 is the largest dedicated deep-sea fishing and charter vessel on the Sunshine Coast. It’s spacious, roomy deck and cabin can accommodate up to 22 passengers in comfort, making it perfect for all sorts of party and event cruises.

It’s just one of the reasons we say “Size does matter!”

We can even arrange a calm water cruise so guests can enjoy a day on the water without risk of seasickness.

We can arrange catering and you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages to make your party an experience to remember.

Our vessel is simply perfect for your next birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party, hen and buck party, retirement party-or any special occasion.

Our friendly and professional crew will ensure you have a fun, unique and memorable experience.

Have a read of some of the options open to you below.

Party Cruises/Charters:

We regularly accommodate any number of Party Cruises/Charters. These include:

  • Bucks Parties
  • Hens Parties
  • Intimate Wedding receptions
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Ashes Scatterings

Of course any of these parties can include fishing if so desired, or just simply cruising on a combination of the open seas and the wide beautiful Mooloolaba canals.

For example, maybe you have a major milestone birthday coming up. Why not head out to one of the nearby reefs for a hour of reef fishing, and on the way we will drop in the crab nets as well. Then once we have caught a nice selection of fish, we will collect the crab nets, head back to the stunning vista of Mooloolaba Bay, and cook your catch on board for you. You will enjoy the freshest possible seafood lunch (or Dinner) in the most stunning location.
Once finished eating, we can put on the music, and cruise the canals for an hour or 2 before heading back to port.
We do not set any time limitations on these bookings, but prefer to work in with the customer’s ideal timeframes. Just talk to us and let us help you make sure it’s a party to remember! For even more detail CLICK HERE!

Makes for very entertaining fishing like this!
Makes for very entertaining fishing like this!


Bucks Parties are another excellent opportunity to make use of our spacious vessel! Why not combine a bit of fishing with a great time out on the water. Heck, you can even arrange the typical buck’s “entertainment” for the trip!

Obviously to ensure other customers are not adversely impacted or affected by the antics that tend to be the norm for such parties, we recommend the boat is booked for the event. Special rates apply for boat bookings and the additional “freedoms” the group has this way are well worth the effort of arranging a large enough group for the trip.

As we are not licensed, you can bring along your own alcohol (Cans only please) on a BYO basis. Normal drinking regulations do of course apply.






Calm Water Cruises/Charters:

Love the idea of being on the water on a real boat but hate the idea of the ocean? Don’t worry. You are certainly not alone in that. We can stay in the calm waters of the canals and even at certain times venture out into the stunning Mooloolaba Bay. Music, a nice drink and close friends are the only other ingredients needed to make this one of the best experiences imaginable!
Usually booked anywhere between 1 and 5 hours, this type of cruise is ideal from late afternoon into the early evening. Catering can be arranged if so desired.

And don’t think you are compromising on the quality of your trip by booking a fishing charter vessel! We have specifically redesigned the entire boat to enable it to convert quickly and beautifully from a high quality fishg charter boat to the most comfortable and luxurious cruising boat on the Sunshine Coast! Click here to see more!

Group Fishing Charters 

Sick of going out on fishing charters with people that you not only don’t know, but that are not as passionate (or maybe way more passionate?!) as yourself?  Sick of getting tangled up with other lines or having to make compromises because of the variety of people on board? Why not put a group of friends together and take the entire boat yourself? With group discounts this works out to being actually more affordable that booking as an individual!!! Our crew will work with you to make sure we focus on the type of fish and fishing YOU want to do, and, if possible, in the areas you want to fish! Don’t compromise, do things your way!

Times are the same as the normal fishing charters, but that is the only similarity!
Call us now to discuss how easy it is to arrange a group fishing charter!