Please find below our older fishing reports.

Easter Weekend April 2012 – It seemed like ages that we have seen the perfect weather that the Sunshine Coast is named after, but it was on full show for the long Easter break! With a charter or 2 each day, our customers took full advantage of the respite in the weather, and the results were certainly worth the wait. Although no extreme sized fish were actually hauled in (a few did get away I am told) the variety and quality was certainly showing that the fish are coming backl to the area in force! It has been a long time since we have caught a Pigfish, but a very good sized one was caught on Sunday. One of the best tasting fish to catch, the smile appeared permanently etched of the face of the lucky fisherman! Of course a lot of other spiecies were caught including Snapper, Trevally, Fusilier, Hussar, Coral Perch, Maori Cod, Parrot Fish, Tuskies, and the ever present Bream. As soon as possible we will have the weekends picture uploaded as well.

Friday Mar 30, 2012 – Today’s charter was almost a protest by the passengers and ourselves to the weather. Hasn’t it been just the most horrible weather for the last few months from an offshore fishing perspective?! We kept the numbers down to just a dozen people today. This to ensure everyone had more than enough space to stumble about should the swell be as high as was forecast. Just as well we did as the forecast was well off the mark. The wind was not as strong as expected, but the swell, forecast at 1.7m was closer to 2.6m. This certainly made for some very uncomfortable conditions. The group we had out proved tough though and never even looked like asking to turn around – an option we made sure they were all aware of beforehand. I guess the size of the fish caught was a good reason why they stuck it out. Some really excellent size snapper were caught as well as some tuskies, parrot fish, fuselier and a large Mowong, Unfortunately a large Mackerel got away just as it was about to be gaffed. No doubt a result of the swell and subsequent difficulty in balancing. Overall not the sort of day we really recommend to anyone wanting to try their hand at deep sea fishing, but certainly one that will be remembered.

Saturday Mar 17, 2012 – A prime example of how different weather can be between the land and the deep sea fishing areas. Back on the coast we were all getting drenched with unrelenting torrential rain. When Crusader returned at 2.30PM today from it’s full day fishing charter, those guests that had not applied sunscreen were clearly “touched” by the sun! Not only that, they all returned with a massive amount of fish and spanner crabs! Aside from the fact that one customer somehow dropped a brand new premium fishing rod and reel overboard (On its first day out!) the day was clearly a great success. the choppy conditions no doubt made fishing a fair bit more challenging but also rewarded those efforts in abundance. Snapper were the main species caught today. And there were a number of large adult snapper pulled up as well as good size juveniles. A few Moses Perch, Tuskies, Parrot Fish, Banana Fish, and even a couple of Maori cod! All in all another perfect day of offshore / deep sea charter fishing by everyone!

Sunday Mar 11, 2012 – Funny how things pan out at times. Saturdays tend to be by far the most popular day from a bookings perspective. Sunday’s on the other hand have been producing the best catch! I think this is due to not only the weather of late which has produced fantastic warm sunny and calm Saturdays, and overcast slightly less clam Sundays. Hot sunny conditions simply don’t equal lots of fish taking your bait. They tend to hide out in the protected areas of the reefs and wrecks, staying out of the strong sun. And of course they are much more likely to be able to see the line and hooks in calmer clearer conditions as well. Change these conditions to a little overcast, and a touch of chop, and the baited hook moves about more like live bait, the line is far more difficult to see and they fish are not sheltering. This weekend was no different. We had 2 charters out on Saturday and a full day charter out on Sunday. Saturday was noting short of brilliant weather wise. The sor of weather Queensland has built its tourism reputation on. Hot, sunny, no wind and no swell. Down side as already mentioned, not the best fishing. The morning 3/4 day charter group struggled to attract any of the copious amounts of large fish very clearly present in the locations. Only the really experienced (and dedicated) passengers were able to get any decent size fish to take their bait. Luckily the turtles left our carb traps in peace and we were able to supplement the fish with a good amount of crabs for everyone. The afternoon charter came back in at 7PM, and this is where the sun and heat difference really shows. As we got close to sunset the fish came on , and the fishing began. Its also one of the reasons we are working so hard on getting evening charter up and running for later this month. Sunday had as mentioned less pleasant conditions (from a beach perspective at least). I have uploaded a fair few pictures from the weekend and the vast majority are from Sunday. This group had a ball. Excellent size fish and good variety. If I look at this coming weekend it is looking like a carbon copy weather wise. And I think our customers are getting the idea as well as this time Sunday booked out faster than Saturday! I will let you know how we went after the weekend.

Friday Mar 2, 2012 – It just goes to show the massive difference between a full day charter and the shorter trips at this time of the year. With all the bait-fish on offer, it is so much harder to get fish to take the bait we offer when fishing. It is getting better as the size of the wild live bait fish increases, so does that of our general caught fish. Today we headed out to the banks region as we had a full day charter booked. 15 passengers all believing that the additional few dollars in the charter cost would give them a much better chance of catching fish during this normally lean times. They were not disappointed! Between them a total of 165 fish caught. Not including the undersized or simply rejected ones! The vast majority were Fusiliers, but a few tuskies, cod and snapper certainly made for sufficient variation as well. the 3/4 days and half days work well during the winter months, but as most keen and experienced fishing enthusiast knows, during summer and early autumn you need to get out into deeper water that those shorter trips allow for. The rewards speak for themselves!

Friday Feb 17, 2012 – Just a quick report. It was a last minute call to head out to the banks again today. After another couple of days of strong winds, the forecast was at a level we felt it could be ok to head out. In fact the forecast winds and swell never really eventuated. A fast running tide was however in full force! This certainly impacted on the fishing techniques, but the results were once again pretty awesome! With just 8 people on board after 2 last minute withdrawals we still caught 5 large trevelley, 2 Snapper 1 excellent Cobia (aka Black King-fish as shown in our gallery) a couple of Moses perch and a few tuskies. (should I mention the “happy Moment fish and grinners that were also in full force? no, lets not 😉 ). 60 crab just added to an overall awesome day out once again with massive smiles on all those brave enough to have made the effort to turn up for the charter!

Saturday Feb 11, 2012 – WOW! I cannot start this fish report any other way. Listening to the radio conversations between the boats out on the water I was surprised at the lack of fish all of them were reporting. Our vessel, Crusader 1, had headed out the 20 odd miles to “The Banks” for the day. Well recognised as one of the best fishing grounds when on, its a lot of distance to travel when the fish have little interest in taking the bait. When our buys came back into range however it was apparent that our fishing marks are still delivering fantastic results! 110 good size fusilier (or BANANA FISH as they are more commonly known) for a start. Our boy Danny had a few comments made when he lost a sensational size Dolphin Fish only a metre or 2 from the boat. Most comments being directed at the fact he was of course persisting with his plastics rather than any of the 3 types of bait we had on board. We even had a good size shark caught by one of the customers. When alongside the boat it was decided that no-one wanted it on board, so it was cut free to roam the ocean once again. We also caught a good number of Parrot fish and Tusk fish. Unfortunately today the snapper were quiet (2 undersized were caught and returned) as were the popular red throat emperors – again a few just undersized had to be released back. Combine the fish caught with the odd trivially and bream as well as an excellent haul of spanner crabs, and the broad smiles on every one’s faces were fully understandable as they carried off their large bags of fish and crabs to show off to those family and friends that had not joined them aboard. I will be uploading a few of the images taken of the day a little later. All in all I believe we are beginning to see the start of the abundant fish so common in the 2nd quarter of the year already.

Sunday Feb 5, 2011 – It’s been a long time coming but the weather has finally, after almost 4 weeks of horrendous winds and seas, turned for the better. Saturday was the first time we were able to venture out and although the Mooloolaba Bar crossing still presents some “interesting challenges and moments” the deep sea conditions are not far from perfect. The still substantial swell appears to be ensuring the fish are all in close proximity to the local reefs, wrecks and other outcroppings they call home. The bait fish which have been so plentiful of late are in far more sheltered waters and areas (plenty in the Mooloolaba Harbour for instance!!), and the fish seem eager to take on any reasonably presented bait on offer! We had 3 half day charters this weekend. Not common, but not really knowing what the conditions would be like, we thought it maybe a bit much to expect customers to be out on the water for 9 hours. We could not have been more wrong! Everyone commented on how pleasant the conditions are. Luckily the normally small numbers and sizr of fish caught on the short 5 hour trips were also not as expected. Every trip has yielded a fantastic haul of fish! The most common fish caught has clearly been Snapper (not that anyone is complaining about that!) but there have also been a good number of parrot fish, Tusk Fish Coral Perch and King Fish caught. Even a number of Red Emperor, just under size by the smallest of margin, but a great fish to catch in the more southerly waters.

Tuesday Jan 11, 2011 – We had a 7 hour (3/4 AM) charter out today. Mixed results with the passengers that were experienced in deep sea fishing doing ok, but those out for the first time struggling. The weather conditions, although pleasant enough from a comfort level, made fishing tough. The swell, wind and tide all combined in the same direction to make it difficult to hit the areas with the lines, and even for the fish to take the bait in time. Pilchards in particular did not stay on the hooks very long in the conditions, so most fish caught were through slymies (mackerel) or squid. It’s days like this when a full (9 or 11 hour) day out makes a huge difference to the 3/4 day conducted, as the outer reefs work far better in these conditions in particular. Half and 3/4 days just do not allow enough time to get that far out of course.

All in all we ended up with 4 snapper, 4 parrot fish, a tusky, 2 hussar and 2 wrasse of legal size. About another 40 fish had to be thrown back as they were under the legal size limits. We also finished up with almost 80 Spanner crabs cooked and distributed between everyone.

Sunday 8th Jan 2012 –The first of our Fish Reports! Welcome to the Fish n Crab Fish reports section of our site. Here we will try to update as often as we can, just to give some idea of what has been caught, how many and where. We hope this helps anyone looking at booking a charter with what can be expected on a given day. Just remember, its called FISHING. Not getting fish. Some days will always be better than others. Some people are simply better than others at catching fish. And of course (my personal favourite excuse for not catching any fish myself) some are LUCKIER than others!

Well we have had a lot of back-to-back fishing charters over the last few days. We have probably seen more large fish lost than caught, but still managed an excellent haul of fish over most trips. A 17kg Cod possibly being the highlight of Friday’s charter. Everyone on board that day assured me that they had much larger fish hooked but were unable to get them aboard. Ah yes, some days the fish do win the battle (in my case most days!). As Brizzo (the skipper for that charter) actually brought the beast on board, once we were back in port, the crew cleaned and filleted it, and everyone interested was given a portion. There was even enough left after that to give yours truly a piece! YUM!

Today’ we had a 3/4 day Morning Charter out with a totally full boat of passengers. 14 snapper, 1 (large) Cobia, 6 Coral Perch, 3 Hussar, 1 Tusk Fish and a few others I forget at this point. All in all pretty well everyone walked away with a good feed of fish and a great day out on the magnificent waters off the Sunshine Coast. If there was any downside to the day it was that the normally nice addition of Spanner crabs we also catch on our charter had already been enjoyed by one or more of the local turtle population. Our crew tend to call the Spanner Crabs “turtle lollies”, and on a nice clear day like today, they have little trouble locating our nets and helping themselves to pretty much every crab on them. Only a paltry 4 were left for us across 25 nets! Compare that with an average of 80 crabs each charter for the previous 4 trips! Ah yes, the wonderful world of fishing.