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Saturday July 21: This horrible patch of weather has had a tiny silver lining for us. The timing has worked out quite perfectly to allow us to swap ALL of our old tackle over to the new range. No more the cheap Chinese made Rod & Reel combo’s that have been the trademark tackle on-board for the last number of years. We as of yesterday now have a choice of all brand new USA made stainless steel Penn 220GTO reels on the Saratoga Charter roller tip rods, or New Silstar TF20 Reels on the brilliant Australian made Rhino stick roller tip rods. We have also added an additional number of new spinning reels bring the total up to 8 on board now. And finally we have added a number of smaller USA made Penn 209M reels to our arsenal to assist the ladies and kids with their fishing. These heavy duty but light combinations will make sure they don’t feel like they are holding up telephone poles just to catch a fish! We have also added a number of other specialty reels for trolling with a specific focus of true heavy duty fishing. Again using USA made Penn Reels from the Senator range, we have now got reels in varying capacities up to 200lbs! (that’s using steel fishing line!). All our mono lines are now IFGA rated line as well to give our customers the best quality experience possible! Comfort wise the deck seating has now been completed. We can now seat more people in comfort that the survey allows for! That’s right, on the deck alone there is now seating for 24 passengers! The hand made 3.5m table has been built and is receiving it’s last layers of marine varnish before being installed in place early next week. We have rebuilt the front head (toilet) to better accommodate the ladies. And we have been able to remove one of the side support panels to give even more fishing room for our passengers! There is a lot more happening over the next few weeks so stay tuned! And for those customers who have given us their feedback, I am sure you will be glad see see we do listen and work towards making sure we act on the areas that will continue to improve the experience for everyone! From crew, to equipment, bait, inclusions and more, please continue to provide us with your thoughts, ideas and feedback. It can only help us to make things even better!

Saturday July 7: This is a excerpt from a news article which should concern ALL Aussie anglers! THE US-based anti-fishing organisation Pew has admitted it pressured the Australian Government to lock anglers out of vast areas of the Coral Sea but would not take the same action in American waters because it would harm the US economy and disadvantage local fishermen. The Pew comments have outraged Australian anglers, who stand to be seriously disadvantaged by federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s decision to support the American organisation’s sustained anti-fishing campaign. In a letter published in the August edition of the US-based Sport Fishing magazine, Pew director of federal fisheries policy Lee Crockett said closing American waters to fishing “wouldn’t make sense – for fishing enthusiasts or the environment”. Crockett was responding to an editorial by Sport Fishing editor-in-chief Doug Olander predicting that Pew’s no-fishing campaign in Australia’s Coral Sea would result in similar moves to lock American anglers out of the Gulf of Mexico. Crockett said Olander’s assertion was “misleading and incorrect”. He claimed the push to close the Coral Sea to all angling was supported by “hundreds of thousands of people throughout Australia and around the world – including recreational anglers”. Crockett went on to say that closing the Gulf of Mexico to fishing wouldn’t make sense because these waters are a “major US economic driver”. “The Gulf offers excellent angling opportunities, and sport and commercial fishing generates billions of dollars and fresh seafood to much of the (American) nation,” Crockett said. The Pew campaign to lock-up the Coral Sea has resulted in Minister Burke proposing to ban all fishing in about 1.3 million square kilometres of water. Other closures proposed by Mr Burke include large areas off the southwest of WA and in South Australia. The admission from Pew that it preferred to focus its lockout campaigns in non-American waters has confirmed suspicions held by local angling organisations that extremist environment groups like Pew sees Australia as an “easy target”. “These revelations back up what many Aussie anglers have been saying for a long time,” a spokesman from Keep Australia Fishing, the peak activist group representing Australia’s 5 million anglers, told Fisho. “These people working for Pew in America don’t want to disadvantage their own economy – but they don’t mind that happening over here. They don’t want to lock American anglers out of prime fishing areas – but they are happy to have exactly that happen to Aussie fishos. Why did our Government listen to these guys?” Pew’s Lee Crockett describes himself in his letter to Sport Fishing as an “avid angler” and provides details of the outstanding sportfishing he has enjoyed in the Gulf of Mexico. Australian anglers will no doubt be pleased to know that Crockett will be able to continue to enjoy his fishing exploits in his home waters while anglers over here endure the lockouts he and his Pew cohorts have seemingly convinced our Government we need to have ! When you combine this action with the Carbon Tax also forced upon this country, the beef export fiasco, the insulation fiasco, the fact that instead of encouraging people to install solar the government has closed this clean alternative preferring to keep as many Australians locked into the coal powered generators…. Need I go on? The current federal government appear determined to ruin our formerly strong economy and lifestyle as quickly as possible. And although we meet with hundreds of people every week in this business, and we never hear of any in support of these actions, the government is constantly telling us that this is in response to the people’s wishes! It now appears that the people they are referring to may not actually even reside in Australia! Doesn’t that make things a lot more clear……..
Monday May 21: Things have been changing quite dramatically over the last couple of weeks here on the Sunshine Coast. Its already becoming difficult to really appreciate how different our Mooloolaba Port entrance was only a few days ago. The major dredge team have done an amazing job in getting the river mouth back to a condition in which it is again one of the best and safest ports in Qld. Not that we have had any real adverse weather conditions in which to test it of course. Quite the opposite. This is another of the dramatic changes. After a 6 month period of possibly the worst weather conditions we have had on record for the area, including an actual flooding of Maroochydore and surrounding suburbs right up to the beach itself, things have clearly changed for the better. The last few weeks have provided nothing short of fantastic winter conditions. Of course that’s Queensland winter conditions for those reading this interstate. That means cool mornings which still warm up quickly to mid 20 degree sunny days with minimal wind and little swell. We have now hopefully got 4-5 months of this pattern to look forward to. And of course these cooler conditions bring the fish back to the fore as well. This has been particularly noticeable this weekend with both charters getting a massive amounts of fish. Ranging from great tuna through Cobia (King Fish), Snapper, Fusilier, huge Trevally, Amber-jack, Pig fish and more. Despite the fantastic conditions we are having right now, today and tomorrow we are hard at work on our vessel with the next stage of it’s refit. Our regulars in particular will this time really notice this next stage. A lot of the work done over the last 6 moths has been “under the skin” so to speak. New rods, reels and other equipment. New 12v LED lighting for the deck as well as the driving lights, new equipment such as the marine radio, batteries and other key safety equipment, We have even changed the types of bait used to include plastics, cuttlefish, and other seasonal preferred bait to ensure we give our customers the best chance of catching fish possible. This next stage as mentioned is far more noticeable to the eye however. It is still also focused on the safety aspects of the deck environment, but it will also impact enormously on the comfort our passengers will be able to enjoy on charters. We hope to have the first stage of this finished by Wednesday in time for the charters after that. The total stage will likely take us a few weeks to complete fully, but the planning will ensure that each charter will have a better level of safety and comfort that anything seen before. Stay tuned and we will post images and updates as each stage is completed!
Sunday Mar 18, 2012. We are hard at work getting Crusader 1 ready for our first true sunset & evening fishing charter. The response from our customers has been nothing short of overwhelming in response to this type of charter, and the first one, scheduled for the 25th of March, booked out within 2 hours of being scheduled! If the late afternoon charters are any indication, the fishing should be spectacular on these charters! about an hour before sunset is when we see the fish really coming “on the bite” and I am told that this normally continues to be the case well into the evening. Of course the late afternoon charters tend to leave the fishing grounds just as the action really gets underway. No doubt much to the disappointment of those on board at the time. It is for this exact reason we are incorporating the Sunshine Coasts first dedicated Sunset evening Fishing charters. No need to take the entire vessel to get out there. As long as the passenger numbers and the weather conditions allow we will head out just as we do for our “normal” Sunrise charters. If you really love your fishing, keep an eye on this site for more dates for these unique charter offerings!!
Saturday Feb 18, 2012. The quiet start to February is certainly changing now. Bookings are fast and furious right through the rest of the month, much of March and even a fair few days are booked out already in April! Its interesting to see that so many of our customers are repeat and even regulars. No doubt they have the experience to know that this is when the “real fishing” starts! We are starting to see of lot more larger fish being hooked now. Larger schools of fish are also clearly present out in the deeper water already. On another note, the dredging of the Mooloolah river mouth is set to resume on Wednesday this week. Lets hope the forecast calmer conditions let the boys make a big impact on the sandbar quickly. Its not an easy task and must be disheartening to see your work until in the blink of a proverbial eye when a big front comes through. A more permanent solution that requires less manual input is really what is needed to ensure beautiful Mooloolaba continues to grow as the jewel of the Sunshine coast!
Sunday Feb 5, 2012. The weather may well appear to have finally turned for the better, but we are seeing the effects of the recent weather every time we cross the Mooloolaba Bar. It certainly makes for some exciting moments when you are on a 55 foot vessel that appears to be surfing a large wave on its way back into port! We can only hope that the local council realise that not every boat operator is as highly qualified or experienced as our skippers, and that the conditions actually present extremely dangerous conditions for many boat owners! We need the Dredge to return as soon as possible and remove the large sandbar that has been created completely across the river entrance.
Monday Jan 9 2012. The weather has conspired against us fish lovers today. Although the conditions are far from dangerous, the combination of high winds and choppy swell would make for a very unpleasant day in all but the most sheltered of areas. Not the type of conditions we like to send our customers out in. Looking forward to the change tomorrow. In the meantime why not check out and subscribe to (its free) our new YouTube channel. We have just uploaded the Creek to Coast episode filmed late October on our boat, which was aired mid December. Its also on our Video page her of course (under MEDIA). We are planning to try and upload a new short clip to both areas every day or 2 to make sure you have a really clear idea as to what is happening and what to expect! And requests are of course alway welcome!
Saturday Jan 7 2012. Welcome to the new look Fish n Crab Deep Sea Charters Website. It will likely take a few more days to make sure all parts are working properly, and to get everything up to date again, but we are excited to have far more pictures up already of recent (and older) charters for you to view.