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Our fishing Tackle.

It’s pretty simple. Unless you already have that perfect rod ‘n reel combo, that you are totally in love with, it’s highly likely you will be using the gear supplied by the fishing charter you book with. And if that’s the case, the better the gear, the better the experience. So before you book any charter make sure you know what to expect in terms of gear supplied!

We have done a lot of research, and continue to do so, to make sure that when you come fishing with us you are able to use gear that not only up there with the best available, but is suited to your style and preference, as much as it is to the type of fish we are after and the type of fishing we do. Unlike most other charter companies that means we don’t supply just one type of Rod and one type of reel to all.

In reality a single tackle option on a charter boat is only done for a few reasons.

  1. The equipment is cheap and easy to maintain. This is the WORST reason to choose any gear as far as I am concerned. few if any passengers are going to enjoy using the gear, and it often has an adverse impact on the ability to catch fish!
  2. The charter company gets a great deal on that specific gear. This is almost as bad as the first reason. Maybe the gear is better, maybe not. Either way it’s not really aboard for the right reason is it?!
  3. The skipper/owner likes that setup (often 2 and 3 both). Add in the fact that the owner/skipper on a fishing charter is usually a professional fisherman and the alarm bells should be ringing. Professional’s equipment NEVER suits the recreational enthusiast. For instance I challenge anyone to try and hit a professional golfer’s clubs as well as they can a set suited to a handicap player. Or try using Rafael Nadal’s tennis racket, apparently strung so tight that the strings last a max of 9 games! A piece of wood would be more forgiving to you and me! It’s the same when it comes to fishing gear. The professional’s setup are very seldom fun, or easy, to use for the majority of people. So why have a boat load full of that gear only?

Instead, we carry a wide range of tackle options to choose from. Each with their own feel, style and benefits. Each chosen for their mix of quality, reliability, popularity and ease of use. Believe me when I say that ease of maintenance and price have not been factored in to the reasoning! Price any of our reels or South Africa rods for online casino yourself game and bonus you will see what I mean. This gear is top of the range, without going silly. It’s great to use and it’s been pulled together through feedback and requests from our customers! That is the ONLY way to get the right gear in our opinion. And we know that once you have done a charter with us you will agree.

Our Rods:

Rhino-Stik rods are the main brand we carry. They have a wide range of models, are Australian made and just look and feel great! The extra thick grip with it’s unique rounded/moulded wrap on top provides an extremely comfortable grip for all hand sizes. And the action these rods have is simply second to none! Most of our spinning setups have a 10 to 15kg Rhino-Stik spin rod matched to them. After all, you do not want to be “Skull-dragging” with a spin reel! Our overhead reels have a choice of 10-15kg and 15 -24kg Rhino-Stik overhead rods matched to them. If you need to pull that massive cod out of its hole you need the power in a stiffer rod to do just that. Of course we do carry a few other rods, like some that are “fully-rollered” and perfect for trolling for instance.  Each rod is selected to be best suited a specific style of fishing.

Rhino-stik fishing rods in both spin and overhead configurations are just a great rod to use when doing serious deep sea fishing. Strong, comfortable and good looking. But enough about me, the rod’s aren’t bad either!



Our Spin Reels:

Some time back we decided to make sure we added many (many many) more spin reels to our range. Why? Because the modern spin reel has so many advantages it’s hard to understand why more fishing charters are not doing the same! Give an overhead reel to anyone with less experience than a seasoned pro and the chances are that they will have at least one “birds-nest” (Line bunched up on the spool making fishing impossible until fixed). Frustrating for both the person using the reel, as it eats away at their fishing time, and for the crew who have to fix it. Fixing it often leaves much less line on that spool for the remainder of the charter as well. “Birds-nests” simply don’t happen on spin-reels! Sure, you have to use the rod to lift the fish before reeling in the line as you drop the rod tip back down, but that is the technique you are supposed to use with overhead reels as well. Overhead reels just cope better with the lazy “skull-dragging” approach taken by beginners. The modern spin reel has the same amount (often more!) of drag as an overhead reel, is far more comfortable to hold onto, and much much easier to wind in for the majority of people. Add in the fact they can usually be changed to both left and right hand operation and I am sure you are now asking yourself the same question. WHY AREN’T THEY MORE COMMON ON CHARTER BOATS!? (hint: Price could be a big factor!)

OKUMA Salina 3 16000
Don’t let it’s size fool you! This reel is for serious deep sea fishing! Try one with us and you may want to take it home with you!


My personal favourite is the “new kid on the block”, the OKUMA Salina 3 16000! This reel is aimed squarely at the highly experienced fisherman. With a whopping 50lbs of drag in it’s compact body, this reel will stop the biggest fish in it’s tracks when used with the right technique. You just have to be careful not to tighten such a massive amount of drag up too much or you won’t be able to hold on! We have set this reel up for right handers only (sorry lefties) as it takes quite a bit of time (and new axle) to change it to a Left hand side reel. (Don’t worry, we have other gear perfect for our lefties too!).



Penn have done it again A great looking reel that works just as impressively as it looks! This may be the perfect Offshore reel for the Sunshine Coast area!


The new Penn Spinfisher V series reels are a pure-bred by all standards. Again it’s certainly not one for the novice fisherman with it’s massive 50lbs of drag pressure! Substantially larger and a little heavier than it’s Okuma counterpart, this reel is quickly becoming the darling of the operation! Easily adapted for both left and right hand operation, it’s perfect for the truly serious fisherman that knows how to use a powerful spin reel! We carry a few different models within this particular range with the majority being the 850SSM. One massive 950SSM (for the real men aboard! 😉 ) and a bait-runner version as well to make the best use of those livies!



True and tested this reel has been around for some time now. Generally loved by all that try it! The original Offshore spin fishing reel


Anyone that knows fishing knows the original Penn Spinfisher series of spin-reels. These reels suit anyone that likes fishing, from beginner to experienced. A solid 20lbs of drag means that if you tighten the drag too much you should at least be able to still hold onto the rod and learn from the mistake! It’s smooth action and large spool capacity make it the main work-horse at this point in time aboard Crusader 1. And when we have a full boat it’s often a scramble to get to these reels first. That’s just how popular they are. Easy to adapt to both left and right handers, and matched to a light and sensitive rod it’s easy understand why! This is the reel that proved spin reels could be used out deep sea to great effect!



Our Overhead Reels:

Don’t get me wrong. Overhead reels have their place, without doubt. There are plenty of experienced fishermen out there that would not be caught dead with anything else! And they certainly earn their place with the really big fish! They do take a bit of getting used to for beginners. Combine that with the need to manually “lay the line” on the spool of most overheads and it is often a case of “just too hard”. It’s for this reason we carry very few overhead reels that do not have “level-wind”. Level-Wind makes using an overhead reel fun again! It’s that simple. No more sore thumbs from guiding that line left and right. No more “humped” line stopping the reel from turning. You are free to concentrate on the simple art of bringing that fish to the boat. And isn’t that really the whole reason and idea of the trip?!

OKUMA Soltera SLR20
The new range of Okuma Overhead reels are simply amazing! This is Big game and deep sea fishing technology at it’s best. If it were all black I would have a really corny and politically incorrect line for this one!

This is our new overhead baby! Released mid 2013 by Okuma, the new SOLTERRA SLR range of overheads come with drag levels that until now have simply been unheard of in level-wind reels! We have 2 of the SLR50 reels (plus a 2-speed version) which have a crazy 50lbs of drag each! Their size and weight make them difficult to use for “normal” fishing such as “bottom bouncing” for all but the strongest of guys. But they come into their own when used for trolling! The substantially smaller 20L and 15L models (20lbs and 15lbs of drag respectively) are smaller and lighter versions of the same reel. With much longer handles than found on other similar sized reels, large comfortable grips and an action that has to be felt to be believed, these reels are our go-to range of reels moving forward.Lever drag instead of Star drag allows everyone, from beginner to professional, to make the best use of the reel under all conditions. If you like overhead reels you will LOVE using these!


Penn 309 level wind
The smaller version of the famous Senator range is still the most common reel on fishing charters in the USA. It certainly worked well in it’s time with us on the Sunshine Coast.

After many years of loyal service we are phasing this reel out. The 309 is still the backbone of the fishing charter industry in the USA, but the new Okuma reels are just too far advanced for us to continue with it. Many of our regulars will be sad to see it go, and given their reliability it may take some time for the last one to leave the deck, but one by one we will be replacing this beautiful reel with a brand new Okuma overhead. The 309 offers 30lbs of drag. Impressive for it’s small size and lightweight construction. The star drag system, a long time staple of overhead reels does a great job for those that know how to use it. Usually set by our crew it means a simple “one-click” action to drop or reel in. Designed in the USA about 20 years ago, it’s design has certainly stood the test of time!




Penn 220 level wind
Small but powerful, this reel is great for ladies and younger fishermen. If that sounds like you just ask us for one on the day!

The 220 is another reel being replaced on our boat by the fantastic new Okuma range. A smaller reel more suited to younger fishermen or the ladies, the Penn 220 overhead reel is simple, easy and fun to use. 22lbs of drag on a reel this size is quite astounding. But as with it’s 309 counterpart, the Star drag, small handle and general build quality have become outdated by the new arrivals. We never carried a lot of these reels and the few that remain may last a little longer if we put them aside for use by the next generation of fishermen (yep, referring to the kids around the age of 8 to 10). Any adult is unlikely to be given this reel to use now unless they specifically request it.


We have quite a few other makes and models which are made available on request. Shimano TLD25, Shimano Charter special, Penn 209L, Penn Senator, Alvey reels and more. Talk to the crew when aboard or ask when you are making your booking. If we can we will try and fit a rod and reel to suit you! Can you ask for a specific reel on your current charter? You can with us!