Fish n Crab Deep Sea Charters in Mooloolaba operates the biggest and without question most comfortable fishing / cruise boat on the Sunshine Coast.  We say “Size does matter” for a number of reasons. Size = Comfort. Size = Safety (and therefore peace of mind), Size = Space, Size = Features not otherwise available. Let’s face it, no one has ever wanted a compact Rolls Royce!!

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Size at sea means Comfort, Stability, Safety, Room to move, Less tangling of fishing lines, the ability to cope with a wider range of conditions and much much more!

Features include:

  • 55 foot heavy-duty Fibreglass mono hull construction, for a nice smooth ride.
  • 2 modern & clean onboard toilets (allowing for a ladies only facility).
  • Dry storage for your bags and valuables (under seating).
  • Large covered fishing deck.
  • Full clears to protect from weather.
  • Fully marine tiled deck to provide non slip and dry footing.
  • Seating for everyone (plus some!) in comfort.
  • Large boardroom style table to enable a comfortable meal.
  • 4 large sleeping Bunks in airconditioned cabin.
  • 3 huge Ice boxes (under seating).
  • Quality Furuno fish finding and navigation equipment (including radar and AIS).
  • Premium Marinized BOSS epic audio system including PA.
  • Full safety gear including 25 person life-raft and electronic fire suppression system.
  • Fully equipped Galley including microwave, espresso Coffee Machine, fridge and freezer.

A common question we are asked is “Are you the fastest boat?”.   There is no simple answer to that as you need to take into account the conditions out at sea. If we are operating in lets say 1.5m of swell, we are certainly the fastest fishing charter vessel! In (the very rare) flat water conditions we are certainly not the fastest. Crusader 1 is a “Semi-Displacement” design. This means that unless we really need to we are not planing across the top of the water (like speed boats) but actually cut through the water (Like a yacht or large ship). We believe this gives us MANY  MANY advantages over the faster planing boats. On every trip we will run up to 6 lures as we head out. Anyone one that knows fishing knows that trolling like this is the best (and often only) way to catch a number of the truly large Pelagic fish such as Wahoo Mackerel, Tuna and more. Trolling speed is normally recommended around the 7 or 8 knots. We run lures that can cope with 11 to 12 knots, which is really the absolute max speed you can be trolling at with anything. It’s an element of fishing that when we hook on is nothing short of fantastic! This is an element of fishing we believe should be part of any charter. It can’t be done at planing speed.

If you have ever been on a planing boat in conditions that are anything over 0.5 of a meter you will no doubt remember it well. And not for the best of reasons. It often means heavy jolting as the boat bounces off the waves, in turn usually creating water splashing all over the boat (and passengers). Sure, it can be fun for a little while but for an hour or more? It’s just not the type of trip we ourselves want to do or to offer any of our customers. We feel that the extra 30 to 40 minutes to the Barwon Banks (pretty much as far as any day charter will go) is well worth the time given the additional benefits of crabbing, trolling and comfort. Will everyone agree? probably not. That’s why there are planing boats operating as well. Just not in our operation.

Following are some images taken aboard to give you a better idea.

Of the 2 toilets, one is located in the middle of the main deck. It forms part of the centre structure which also houses our fishing workstation and storage areas. The handbasin with both soap dispenser and disinfectant gel dispenser is also located on deck. This means you can access it at any time.

Our on deck toilet and fishing workstation area with the deck handbasin for your comfort.

The other reason for us having located all of this structure in the centre of the deck (unlike most other which are on the side) is to give our customers as much gunwale (railing) space as possible. Nothing gets in the way of your fishing on our deck! No obstructions and heaps of room.

Looking forward from the back deck gives a great indication of the room aboard.

We know that at times it can be hard enough to stand up out at sea. Let alone while trying to eat lunch or have a drink! Even having to balance stuff on your lap is wrong we feel (well, I know I hate eating like that)! Instead, with us you can sit down and enjoy your food and drink properly, in comfort.

Notice the space between the seating and the gunwale! Finally a fishing charter boat with room to move about!

Ever get the feeling that you are on the wrong side of the boat when out fishing? Well on our boat you can change your mind and move about easily! It’s super stable, super wide and super roomy. It all adds up to a much more enjoyable day! (of course be mindful of other passengers who may already be on that side!)

The huge boardroom style table and seating makes for the most comfortable day out possible!

When you are out on the ocean there are times when the weather takes you by surprise. Sometimes the return trip is one you just want to sit down and enjoy without being exposed to the elements. It’s for these reasons that we have “clears” along the entire length of our boat, on both sides. Just another little thing to make sure your trip is the best it can be!

We can set up Crusader 1 to suit groups needs. Parties, Whale watching, Corporate meetings, Ashes scatterings and more.

Have a look at some of the layouts used already:

Deck layout plain 1
Clearly not fishing today!
Cruising in total comfort!
Cruising in total comfort!
Bow bean Bags
This is how to enjoy the bow of a boat