Overnight Charters are now available!

Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

The difficulty with overnight charters is purely weather related. This means we need to do everything we can to minimise the possible impact of bad weather during the charter itself.

In summer the Queensland weather is “unpredictable” at best. Afternoon sea-breezes tend to be far stronger than we would like. And a summer evening storm is almost common place! Not the conditions we want to take customers out to sea in!

Winter time has two big advantages.

  1. The weather tends to be a lot more predictable and more pleasant.
  2. Winter time is Snapper time, and this species LOVES to feed at night!

So we have properly prepared Crusader 1 for night fishing, starting in early June!

New lighting – Both deck and underwater “squid lights”! -, updated sleeping accommodations, and a few other new surprises will make sure our night charters are something very special indeed!

Heading off with the new Squid Lights on

Heading off with the new Squid Lights on

Deck lights port side

We have set a departure time around 3 to 4PM and a return time of around 8 to 9AM. This makes this a massive 18  hour long charter!

We have a number of closely guarded locations that have over time proven themselves as fantastic night fishing locations. Of course these charters will be targeting Snapper in particular.



Starboard deck lighting

Starboard deck lighting










Foreward v-berth has TV!

Forward v-berth has TV!












Booking restrictions:

These charters will be far more restricted in passenger numbers than our other charters. Not because of room on deck, but because we want to make sure you can have a very comfortable rest/sleep in quality onboard accommodation if needed as well! As such, 12 passengers is the absolute limit on these charters. Another massive advantage is that with just 12 people on our boat you will have space like you have not experienced before on a fishing charter!

Bookings are by groups of at least 2 only. Because of the much longer time frame of the charter, and the fact that the the sleeping accommodations are of course shared, we feel that this charter will work much better with people that know each other.


A hot BBQ evening meal is included, as is a light refreshing breakfast, espresso-coffee, tea, and even hot soups! (It is winter-time remember). As always water and softdrink are included, and other snacks through out the charter to ensure your stomach never distracts you from the fishing! We will have a full crew complement on for this trip (1 more than we would normally have for 12 people) to ensure you are looked after properly. And of course as always all bait, tackle, use of rods and reels is included.

We recommend that there is no crabbing on these trips unless specifically requested by the majority. This is aimed at true fishing enthusiasts!


The costs are based on the number of people per trip (being 12) and the amount of time out on the ocean. As we are taking only half the possible passengers on these trips the hourly rate Vs a standard day trip is a little higher.

At just $540.00 per person it is about the same as the hourly rate per person for a 5 hr charter but with only half the number of people on the boat!

So call us now or click the booking button and book your group for an unforgettable night of deep sea fishing at it’s very best!!!

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