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Only during the true peak whale time!

These majestic beasts show up in greater numbers year on year, and now you can head out to see them in a very comfortable,  private and truly professional manner!

Bow bean Bags

Fore deck comfort.

jumping_humpback_whale_1This is a Whale Watching experience you will remember, and talk about for a long time!  No feeling crammed with more than 100 other people on the same boat trying to catch a glimpse of the whale from 4 deep! Crusader 1 is limited to just 23 passengers, therefore offering you a very personal day out on the water, with unobstructed views of these inquisitive majestic animals.  Be in awe of the spectacular breaching, close encounters, magical songs and tail slapping of the Humpback Whales.  Get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea and encounter pods of dolphins and turtles that are usually regular sightings.

Cruising in total comfort!

Rail-side space for all!

The biggest advantage of whale watching on Crusader 1 is that you will always have that rail side position, ready for that perfect photo.  Crusader 1 is an open deck vessel which allows full walk around access even to

the bow of the boat where you can watch the dolphins play and follow our path.

Light refreshments and non alcohol drinks are included and alcohol is on a BYO basis.

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Guaranteed Rail-side Position

The most important feature of any whale watching vessel is a full walk-around deck. Passengers on Crusader 1 can comfortably (and safely) walk the full way around the outside of the vessel. This also ensures passengers are never over crowded on the bow of the vessel, or worse,  stuck inside a cabin looking through dark tinted windows trying and catch a glimpse of the whales off the Sunshine Coast.

Crusader 1 guarantees every passenger will have an equal viewing opportunity and in fact a guaranteed rail-side position to get that perfect photo of the majestic Humpback Whale. Have a look at some images of Crusader 1 here.

Small Groups and still a small price

Personalised Service & No Crowds are the focus aboard Crusader 1 as tours are limited to just 23 passengers per charter! This absolutely ensures an intimate and uncrowded encounter. As close as you can get to a private trip without the huge expense that would come with! Your low purchase price even includes all non-alcoholic drinks and food! 

Stable Design Vessel

Unsure with how you travel on the ocean? Crusader 1 is an extremely large stable commercial vessel with an exceptionally lower centre of gravity. This reduces pendulum effect (the swinging and swaying from side to side) ensuring a smooth comfortable ride for even those with the wobbliest of sea legs. Being a mono hull the ride is also MUCH more comfortable than a catamaran which is alway subject to the tunnelling effect created between the 2 hulls. Gliding through the water is a lot more enjoyable!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Low Level main Viewing Deck – Crusader 1 features a near water level main deck, allowing you to get closer to the whales than ever before. Imagine the thrill and excitement as the Humpback Whale swims down the side of the vessel just arms length away.

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